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Practice Management Consultations

Do you want to help more families and children in your chiropractic clinic? Dr. Minardi is an internationally reknown consultant that can review your practice, and help you build the family and pediatric portion of your practice. Please contact Dr. Minardi at johnminardi@hotmail.com


Guest Lecturing/Speaking Engagements:

If you would like to have Dr. Minardi as a Guest Lecturer or Guest Speaker for a Club Meeting, Assocation Meeting, Society Meeting or the like, please contact Dr. Minardi at johnminardi@hotmail.com with all of the details.

Dr. Minardi is a powerful consultant and lecturer on the following topics:

  • The Complete Thompson Technique - Minardi Integrated Systems
  • Chiropractic Pediatrics
  • The Trauma Associated with Pregnancy and Delivery to both the Mother and Child.
  • Chiropractic's Effect on the Brain and much more....
Dr. John Minardi BHK, DC.

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