About Minardi Education

Dr. John Minardi BHK, DC

Dr. John Minardi earned a Bachelor of Human Kinetics Degree, Honours Movement Science, from the University of Windsor, and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Early in his chiropractic career, Dr. Minardi built one of the most successful Family and Pediatric practices in Canada. His passion for helping children continues to drive his practice and his consultation services to this day. For over 20 years, Dr. Minardi has consulted many chiropractors on building the Pediatric portion of their practices, resulting in tens of thousands of children getting the help that they needed.

Dr. Minardi is also the creator, founder and head instructor of The Complete Thompson-Minardi Technique Seminar Series  and author of The Complete Thompson Textbook - Minardi Integrated Systems, the most extensive seminar series and textbook ever created for table assisted technique.

In addition, Dr. Minardi's primary interest has been to understand the neurology of the chiropractic adjustment. Dr. John brings a unique blend of passion, intensity, and excellent training skills in order to explain chiropractic's effects on the body.

In addition to his busy consulting and lecture schedules, Dr. Minardi continues to operate a full time practice in Oakville, Ontario.


How we began

When I was in my fourth year of practice, a patient walked into my office and changed the rest of my life. Up to that point, I considered myself successful. I was building a thriving practice, I had a successful Minardi Integrated Systems Seminar Series, I was writing my first textbook, and things were going well.

Then one day, a patient walked into my office and asked me if I had seen this medical doctor on the internet who was bashing chiropractic and stating that there was no scientific rationale behind what we did as chiropractors. Since I had never heard of this before, my patient and I sat at my computer and watched this individual speak to a public group. This individual was well dressed and well spoken. He spoke with a hint of arrogance as he addressed the crowd, and made outlandish statements about chiropractic that instilled fear into the minds of all who were in attendance. As he continued to speak, he poked fun at chiropractic and individual chiropractors, and made it appear as though someone would be stupid to ever see a chiropractor for any reason.

John MinardiHe went on to state that chiropractors could claim anything that they wanted, but that there was no scientific evidence, or even scientific rationale as to how chiropractic worked. Furthermore, he stated that if any chiropractor were asked to explain the scientific rationale behind what they did, that they could not explain it.

It was at this point, that I asked myself a very serious question. Could I explain it? Could I explain how individuals were getting pregnant after chiropractic care when they were unable to become pregnant before? Could I explain how an individual's immune system improves with chiropractic care? Could I explain how an individual's blood pressure decreases with chiropractic care? I saw all of these things happening in my clinic on a regular basis, but could I explain how? No, I could not.

At that moment, I made it my mission to learn everything that I could about the neurological effects of the chiropractic adjustment and its potential impacts on an individual's health. It was also my mission to make it functional and understandable for any chiropractor, increasing their certainty and increasing the strength of our profession. I firmly believe that the more certain chiropractors are about what they do, the more patients that individual will be able to help.

After years of sharing with chiropractors, it dawned on me that we could be even more powerful if we could explain this in a way that chiropractic assistants and patients could also understand. With that, Minardi Education was born.

I have divided up my educational materials into two sections: The Doctor Education Series and The Patient Education Series. Each series is specifically designed to educate and increase certainty in the power of the chiropractic adjustment and its effects on the human body. The Doctor Education Series focuses on educating the doctor in understanding how the adjustment has direct effects on a patient's health. The Patient Education Series focuses on educating the patient that the adjustment deals with much more than simply pain - that their overall health improves under chiropractic care.

I have always had a great love and passion for chiropractic. It saved my life in more ways than one. My vision is to take this passion and educate not only chiropractors, but the world on the great power of the chiropractic adjustment.

I hope that I can share this passion with you.

Dr. John Minardi BHK, DC.

To truly believe, we must first understand